Me and fusion music

I have a great passion for the music that works for the massess.

Initially ,I was disinterested in the music of any kind .When I was only years of age ,my parents got me admitted in to learning of the indian classical music -the percussion or the traditional indian drumming instrument called as Tabla -which was said to be developed by the Ustad Amir Khusro in the 16th century.One can say it was like a blessoing in disguise as I gradually started loving the rythems then swaras and then music as a whole.

I started learning from the University pattern ,and slowly I realised that this kind of system is of very less help for the self development of the individual in the domain.It merely gives any sort of freedom and liberty to explore ,as one is bounded with the completion of the syllabus while following the timing constraints.

After doing my Masters in Music , a 9 years course in Tabla-fortunately I started my professional career at Pune and came to meet Pandit Suresh Samant.Believe me after started learning from the legend I understand the language of Tabla,the beauty of music and limitless universe of the artform.

It has always been my inherent habbit to read ,read and explore whatever I could in the varied interests in the various domains -that inculcated my interest in the concept of the east meeting with the west and ultimately open source culture-linux etc..and music initiated this rebellion thoughts in my mind.Became the avid reader of Peyman Nashepour’s ( a great Tombak percusionist from Israel) group on yahoo..

“The more you love music ,the more music you love ..”
Then started the conversation with the Eric Struse(Finland),Yoshi Takatao (Japan) and Emanuel Delago(austria),who are also percussionists like me ,intersted in world music and developing the peace and harmony..If time permits ,I would soon paste those energising conversations between me and those angels of the great and divine art-that is called music -in this bloghouse ..
I have also met many friends from france and germany (Maxim Brune,Lorentz Genzi)-who are learning Tabla and have shown such a great enthusiasm not visible in any one of my sir’s inidan pupils.this is really strange ,and praiseworthy for those foriegners coming from such distant lands ,commited to do their work for what they’ve ome here..I am learning from them and may be one day will also work with them for the betterment of the society ,for the goodness of the humanity..

Digital Education:CounterOpinion

There must not be any gainsayer that investing or spreading in EDUCATION is crucial in reducing the inequalities that fuel desperate violence ,ignorance and discrimination ,but can somebody explain me how making digital technology more widely available should help much?
The Core:
We may be proud of fully wired,computer controlled-smart class rooms that have projectors,microphones,speakers and video cameras to accommodate every kind of audio and visual presentations and distance learning initiative .
Neverthless ,we find that the most engaging lectures are still Talk and Chalk presentations by cursy old souls who have contagious passion for their subjects (how can we produce them now),interestingly some of whom consider “MULTIMEDIA” to consist of using more than one color of chalk:)
The Dilemma:
I have yet to see a smart classroom enrich the learning experience to a degree that comes close to matching the expense of the equipment it contains..Although many of the professors are eager to embrace new technology,their best efforts at powerpoint fails to surpass the impact of traditional lectures from their low tech colleagues(May be their efforts/energy is wasted in preparing powerpoint and animations in lectures and when the time comes they are already enervated).
..Worse still:
As often as not the technology gets in the way of malfunctioning .I expect that most of the reader have more than once watched a presenter stand sweating in front of a blank projector screen while his laptop reboots -again .
The Need:
Rather than emphasising “globally and cheaply available” digital technology we should gain more —
By investing in simple equipments like chalk boards and books,
By sending teachers in training from poor educational systems to places with selected lecture rooms around the country to explore them to really lucid and passionate teaching..
To send expert educators from those select institutions of learning to poor educational systems as an exchange for some time..
As with other skilled art , it is the tradition of pedgogy that has to be passed on by personal examples and digital education is of scant help here..
The Tail:
As a support of digital education ,I have read and heared many people saying that chalk takes up the talking time .I must say that the chalk’s taking the time is all about the re-energising .The presentor has to give some time for his ideas to express on its own pace ,to think too -when he plays with the chalk and to search for the best method and media to express his thoughts so that those synchronise and harmonise with the spectators and audience.
Friend,chalking is not wasting his/her time ,it’s kind of meditation the teacher is involved into.

Where to Start?

Why you should get to know me :
Because there is much more to me than meets the eye, and at least half of it is actually good stuff.
I write mostly when I am shaken – So you might find that most of the posts were written when I was feeling low.

Almost everything in my life has been serendipitous. It was like one rope leading to a point, that I thought was a kind of summit, and then another leading to the next and so here I am as of now after some mind boggling experiences.

Did my Bachelor in Engineering from BIT Durg,Chhattishgarh.
Did a Post Graduate Course from Indian Institute of Technology ,Mumbai..
Did Diploma (PG) from Bitmapper,Pune.
Currently working on Research and Development in Embedded & Product Engineering domain-VLSI/Embedded Technology.
A hardcore educationist and philosopher by thought and action.. :0)

A poet ,a sportsman or a musician , a homeopath or an astrologer is what I would have loved to see myself becoming but the divine power has thought/planned something else for me ,and here I am an engineer ,a scientist -thoroughly enjoying my work,passionately living because of Music(all kinds of especially indian classical -instrumental ,Poetry-Sufi (Mevlana Rumi),Mirza Ghalib,Ahmad Faraz,Faiz Ahmad Faiz being the motivators ,sports and psycho astrology.